Antti is the drummer of the band. Also composes and makes lyrics. Is the funny guy of the band because usually ends up embarrassing himself. Has a solid reputation of throwing and dropping the sticks in the middle of the songs. Antti has a unique sense of humor. 


Antti Nurmikoski, Drums



1989, 66510 Merikaarto



Tama drums, Centent cymbals



My Autumn, Circle of Contempt, Tigran Hamasyan, Gunship, Misery Index, Gorillaz


Other bands:

Wumpa Fruits



 Certainly not anything that would include EIP.


Top 5 at the moment:

1. Räsöling (old love found again)
2. Band of brothers (series)
3. Witcher 3 (second job)
4. Vaasa Dogs (college football)
5. Upcoming Kaaosfest (no need to enter a band-competition)