Extinction In Progress (EIP) plays technical extreme metal, which is a combination of aggression, unique arrangements, skillful playing and a little bit humor on top of it. Lyrics Are mainly inspired by movies, video games and comic books.


EIP has been acknowledged for their live show because of their attitude and contagiousness: Every gig is played with professional attitude and giving 100%.




Extinction In Progress wins a place in Wacken Metal Battle-semifinal held in Tampere early January. Unfortunately the band didn't make it to the finals, even though jury praised quintet for their heavy attitude. EIP has focused on practicing and composing new songs in the winter/spring.


EIP is now 5 years old. Early in the year the band wins MetalOrgy competition and gets to play in the infamous Rytmikorjaamo venue in Seinäjoki. At the end of the year EIP has a 5-year anniversary gig at El Gringo, Vaasa. Digital single called 0511 (+ I Defecate On Your Corpse) and official website for EIP is also published by the end of this year.



”Devoured” EP is released on may. Shortly after that, a music video for the song ”Traces” is released. Late summer Joni and Samuli decides to shoot a playthrough video for track ”Claws”.



Second music video ”Duty Calls” is released on march. Most of the band meets their long-term musical influence Mikko Alatalo in person and gives him our latest EP. Band decides to play live gigs wearing matching basketball shirts. Eip plays 5 gigs overall during the year. Recording of the next EP starts in december.



The band plays it’s First two gigs early in the year. Afterwards Juho asks Samuli Kaakinen to become the main shredder. On march, first music video from the song ”To do as they've told” is being released. On summer EIP starts to record ”The Wrench and the Screwdriver” EP which is released later that year.



First demo is released. Antti asks his schoolmate Joni Kinnari to come and try out as a second guitarist in the band. Shortly after this Joni Salomaa decides to quit the band due to lack of time.



EIP is formed by Atte Kuvaja & Antti Nurmikoski. Soon after that Antti asks Juho Ahlgren and Joni Salomaa to join the band. They both are first asked to try the vocals, but after the first rehearsals Joni starts as a guitarist while Juho is taking care of the vocals. On December the band headed to the studio to record a first demo. 

eip_2018 kansi.jpg