Joni is the swiss-army-knife of the band. Does lyrics, composes, records, photoshops, edits videos, plans things etc. On stage looks like someone with rabies.

Joni Kinnari, Guitar



1989 in Laihia



Ibanez guitars & Engl amplification. Loads of other equipment also.



System of a Down Veil Of Maya, Medeia, Swallow The Sun, Gojira


Other bands:

Systeemi On Vähä Alahaalla (System Of A Down-Tribute)



I survived 21.12.2012.


top 5 at the moment: 

1. Fall (seasons)
2. Netflixes Marvel series (TV-shows)
3. Acoustic guitar (Learning new things)
4. Front squat (Gym)
5. Aioli (Food)